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President's Message
by Linda Thomas, ASID

     The right to practice should be the constitutional right of an interior designer.  Recent history has shown that the right is in jeopardy.  The State of Michigan now has legislation, Public Act 250, which allows interior designers to be on a "list" that will provide the state with the names of all individuals qualified to perform interior design services.  It is imperative that all practicing ASID members get on this list.  If you have not passed the NCIDQ, you need to document your education and/or work experience.

     The Advisory Board, which operates under the state's Consumer and Industry Service, will review all applications.  This board is comprised of two architects and three interior designers.  The interior designers on the Board include Marilyn Whitney, ASID and  Robert Zebrowski, ASID.  Marilyn has included a light hearted guide to filling out these forms in this newsletter.

     Architects are sending in these forms 3-1 over interior designers!  They recognize that after April, they too will have to sit for the NCIDQ to qualify.  We need to narrow that difference.  CIDR has worked hard and long to secure this limited legislation.   The approach is that this is a pre-licensing step and it may be that the list could be used when licensing is available and if you are not on the list now, NCIDQ may be your only option.

     Another situation that effects the right to practice is the International Building Code.  This is the building code that all states will be voting on early in 2000.  The residential section of the code now reads that a design professional is an "architect or engineer".  We are fortunate that ASID National is lobbying on our behalf throughout the hearings on the code.  And, while they were not successful in attempts to include "interior designer" in the code, they have and will continue to make significant strides. 

     We are fortunate to have Chris Salp, Director of Government and Public Affairs, and Joe Dickson, Associate Director of Government and Public Affairs, to conduct a legislative regional here in Michigan.  Chris and Joe will explain the significance of the IBC as well as address the legislative needs of each state in terms of seeking a practice act.  This event is scheduled for Monday, December 6, at the Michigan Design Center.  For more information, call the chapter office.

     Again, I urge you to call the Consumers and Industry Service at 517-241-9253 for the necessary forms for the State of Michigan.  Please do it today.  

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