ReSources.Com provides a variety of directory Listing & Linking formats to suite your professional needs.
Once listed and linked your website is available worldwide, at the Click of a Mouse, to leading corporations, architectural and
design firms, facility managers, government agencies, specifiers, dealers, reps and major on-line services.
The following are our most popular listing formats and offer the greatest value.

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Type of Listings & Features

Monthly Rates


Essential Listing
Provides listing of business name only
and name of major manufacturer line carried.

Hogue Associates

Listing Tip: As a minimum, listing your company assists professionals and directs
customers to your business.

  $5.00 per Month*
Basic Listing
Provides Business Name with DirectAccess website link* and one (1) manufacturer link.

$10.00 per Month*

Hogue Associates

Listing Tip: As a minimum, if you have a website listing your company assists professionals
and directs customers to your business.


Standard Listing
Includes business name, address, DirectAccess website and e-mail links
and three (3) manufacturer links.

$ 25.00 Per Month*

COG Kelley
931 Cadallac Court, Milpitas, CA 95035
Ph: 408-483-0119
Fax: 408-938-0818 E-Mail
Haworth SMED Keilhauer

Listing Tip: Providing phone and fax numbers and a direct e/mail link really helps professionals
and customers get in touch with your business.


Enhanced Listing
Adds three (3) DirectAccess links to specific products/projects/services to a Standard Listing

$ 35.00 Per Month*

880 Maude Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043
Ph: 408-938-0800
Fax: 408-938-0818 E-Mail
Facilities Services Project Management Customer Services
Haworth SMED Keilhauer

Listing Tip: Why not let potential and exisiting customers know what services you offer. By providing links to
special projects or services customers get to know your business capabilities.


Premier Listing 
Provides five (5) DirectAccess links to products/projects/services to a Standard Listing,
plus a LogoLink and five (5) manufacturer links.

$ 50.00 Per Month*

55 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94111-1428
Ph: 415-395-9904 Fax:

(Optional Traveling Marquee Element)
Steelcase Products Sales and Installation
Facilities Services
Project Management Customer Services
( Steelcase Vecta Metropolitan Details Hon )

Listing Tip: Have an important message for customers or just want to make a special announcement?
Use a marquee to make that announcement come alive.



Have more than one location? Add similar additional listings for 50% off the price of your first listing.
For example: Two (2) Standard $25.00 listings would be only $37.50 per month.
Note: Additional listings are for actual additional physical locations not multiple listings for a single business.

* If you do not have a website, ReSources has many excellent website packages available.
Every ReSources.Com website is designed and developed by industry professionals to meet the unique needs of the design community.

To create a link to ReSources.Com, please download this logo and attach it to your site:

rechair99a.gif (818 bytes)


Every ReSources listing may be further enhanced with a variety of options.
For example: The Architectural Firm example below adds the Portfolio Focus element with a link to a recent project.

Enhanced Listing Example with 'Portfolio Focus'

1115 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 101, Alameda, CA 94501
Ph: 510-865-8663 Fax: 510-865-1611
Residential Hotel/Restaurant Retail Centers Retail Recreational Commercial/Office Civic )
Portfolio Focus:
Elroys Bar and Restaurant 300 Beal Street, San Francisco, CA
( Sample Enhanced Listing for Architectural Firm with Portfolio Focus feature)

Optional InterActive Features such as: voice or animated marquee elements may be added to further promote
unique projects, services, sales or special promotions.

InterActive Features

Provide exciting opportunities to inform customers of special events, sales, promotions, new product introductions or special
services of your business. InterActive features may be added separately and include:
LogoLinks, Portfolio Focus, Banners, 3D Studio, Video, Animation and Voice&Sound.

Furniture Services Technology


Select InterActive Features

One Time Set-Up Fees

Monthly Fees
E-Mail Links: DirectAccess links to your e/mail $ 15.00 per link $ 2.50 per link
Multiple URL's: Listing&Links/per directory $ 15.00 per link $ 5.00 per link
Priority Links: Up to five links to projects, services catalogs $ 15.00 per link $ 5.00 per link
ImageLinks: Links to pictures, projects or products $ 25.00 per link $ 5.00 per link
LogoLinks: Links from your logo to your website $ 25.00 per logo $ 10.00 per logo (limit one per listing)
Portfolio Focus: Links to a special project or service $ 15.00 per link $ 5.00 per line / per project
Traveling Marquee's and Banners: With monthly revisions $100.00 per line $ 15.00 per line (limit one per listing)
Voice & Sound: Voice over, sound, multimedia and flash media $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
Animation: artoon, live action w/ Voice & Sound $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
Video: Live action demos, walk throughs, new product intro's $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
3D Studio: Design/installation of text/graphic elements $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content

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