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Why ReSources.Com?

"Our job is to deliver the customer
to your front door"

Russ Watson, AIA

Thanks to eliminating
credit card billing
our new listing rates are now over
by50% lower


Listing & Linking Services for.
Design Industry Business

Listing with ReSources is now easier and cheaper ! 
Thanks to eliminating credit card billing and converting to an annualized billing cycle,
we have been able to reduced our listing rates by over 50%

1. Simply chose which listing type you wish and e/mail ReSources with the
    name, address, phone, fax and e/mail address of your business, plus your website URL
    and let us know which directory you wish to be placed.

2.  ReSources will complete your listing, notify you via e/mail to approve your listing.
     Once your listing is approved simply mail ReSources your check and your listing will
     be posted within 24 hours of receipt.

3. Remember once listed you can always update your data for free and add features as you wish.
    If you need assistance or have a question call us at 415-433-3911 we'll be happy to assist.

"We’re too busy to waste time hunting down obscure internet sites. ReSources has done a fabulous job of organizing the really good internet materiel in a way that saves us a lot of time. If it’s not on ReSources, then it’s probably not worth looking at"

Bill Van Erp, Gensler Architects Librarian

Annual Rates  

Types of Listings and Features

Basic Listing
$50.00 per year

Got a website? Then get a link......

Basic Listing
Includes your Business Name, Phone and Fax numbers, plus DirectAccess Website and E/Mail links
and Links to three (3) Professional Services provided or Major Lines carried

Ph: 408-938-0800 Fax: 408-938-0818 E-Mail
Facilities Services Project Management Installation Services

Listing Tip: As a minimum, if you have a website listing your company assists professionals
and directs customers to your business.


Standard Listing
$75.00 per year

Includes all your Basic Information plus
links to Professional Services and
additional Product lines


Standard Listing*
Includes your Business Name, Address, Phone and Fax numbers, DirectAccess Website and E/Mail links
and Links to three (3) Professional Services provided and (5) Major Lines carried

880 Maude Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043
Ph: 408-938-0800
Fax: 408-938-0818 E-Mail
Facilities Services
Project Management Customer Services
Haworth SMED Keilhauer Bernheardt ICF

Listing Tip: Providing phone and fax numbers and a direct e/mail link really helps professionals
and customers get in touch with your business.

* Our staff will work directly with you to develop your Linksn


Product Listing w/Links
$5.00 per month

If you have online product information,
then create a link to it, so someone
can specify it.....


Product Listing with Links*
Lists the names of your products in ReSources Product Directory with DirectAccess links to your products

Martin Brattrud

Adare Arabella Augusta Ballybunion Baltusrol Belfry Blarney Canterbury
Carmel Caroustie Colonial Congressional Cypress Dominique Donegal Dornoch Homestead
Kenmare Kinsale LaPurisima LaQuinta Lismore Nancy
One Collection
Pebble Preswick Raymond Sterling Waterford Wynand
Listing Tip: Listing your products and providing links to your website material saves everyone research time
and makes your product information easier to find and use.

* Our staff will work directly with you to develop your Product Links


Online Catalog Link
$ 10.00 per month

Don't leave them guessing....
Pictures increase hits by 70%


Catalog Link*
Got an online catalog or brochure then why keep it a secret? Providing a DirectAccess link to your online product catalog or product specific information for only $5.00 a month gets your information to our users.
We also include an image of your catalog to increase traffic...

Click to view additional product information Martin Brattrud Keating
Listing Tip: Creating Product Image links to your most popular products is simply good business.

* Our staff will work directly with you to develop your Catalog Links


Logo Link
$15.00 per month

An excellent way to build brand identity...

Logo Link
Add a LogoLink with a DirectAccess link to your website for only $5.00 a month. It's a great way to direct traffic to your website, increase sales and build brand identity.

Click to visit Martin Brattrud website site
Listing Tip: Using a Logo Link will help build awareness of your company everytime someone uses a directory.


'BuyDirect' Link
$10.00 per month

Already have E/Commerce?
Then make it really work by adding a

'BuyDirect' Link

Flat Monthy Fee
No Transactional Fees
Customer deals directly with you...

BuyDirect Link*

Buyers from Corporations, GSA, small businesses, governments and design specifiers want to buy direct.
If you already have e/commerce capabilities expand your sales reach by selling directly from ReSources with a
BuyDirect link to your e/commerce services.

BuyDirect link includes a (1) thumbnail image of your product (2) a DirecAccess link to your online order entry page and (3) we list your suggested selling price. Here's a sample BuyDirect listing.


Click to view CutSheet and Purchase Direct
Cosmos CM 5900
BuyDirect from the Manufacturer for $606.00
Listing Tip: Already have e/commerce, then take advantage of it and sell directly from our Product Directories.

* Our staff will work directly with you to develop your BuyDirect Links


Side Bar Advertising Link
$25.00 per month

Listing Tip

Have a new product or want to
promote an existing one?
Side Bar Advertising provides
high traffic at a low price.

Click to view additional product information
Special Sales Price through August


Side Bar Advertising Link*
Provides additional advertising and promotional space for sales, new product introductions or special offers.

Click to view additional product information 'Earl Chair' Special Sales Price through August
Listing Tip: Have a new product or want to promote an existing one? Our Side Bar Advertising links offer
high traffic and high visibility at a low price.

* Our staff will work directly with you to develop your Side Bar Links


Zone A Advertising

$125.00 per month

Want to increase sales?
Zone Ads get the job done !


Directory Advertising
ReSources Product Directories provide five (5) special marketing areas at the top of each directory,
available on a monthly or longer term basis. Sample Lounge Seating Zone A below:


Lounge chairs are generally specified for office reception areas
and other uses such as waiting rooms, lobbies and area's with shorter seating periods.
Simply click on the
RED product name and you are directly linked with the Professional CutSheet.

USE TIP: This directory provides the names of all major manufacturers and their products.
Even if a manufacturer does not offer cutsheets or specifications on-line,
you can use this directory as a print catalog reference .

Click to view Pro/CutSheet
Grand Confort
Click to view Pro/CutSheet

Grand Deco
Click to view Pro/CutSheet
Campus Collection

Martin Brattrud
One Collection


Furniture Services Technology


Additional Advertising Features

Interested in further enhancing your Listing or Internet Presence?
These additional services provide exciting opportunities to inform customers of special events, sales, promotions, new product introductions or special services of your business.
InterActive features may be added separately and include: LogoLinks, Portfolio Focus, Banners, 3D Studio, Video, Animation and Voice&Sound.

Copyright CORE+DATA/ReSources.Com   ReSources Listing Agreements are month to month, electronically invoiced and require no long term contracts.

Select InterActive Features

One Time Set-Up Fees

Annual Fees
E-Mail Links: DirectAccess links to your e/mail $ 15.00 per link $ 2.50 per link
Project Links: Links to projects, services catalogs $ 15.00 per link $ 5.00 per link
Portfolio Focus: Links to a special project or service $ 15.00 per link $ 5.00 per line / per project
Traveling Marquee's and Banners: With monthly revisions $100.00 per line $ 15.00 per line (limit one per listing)
Voice & Sound: Voice over, sound, multimedia and flash media $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
Animation: artoon, live action w/ Voice & Sound $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
Video: Live action demos, walk throughs, new product intro's $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
3D Studio: Design/installation of text/graphic elements $ 75.00 per hour Negotiated based upon content
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