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Gensler & Associates Architects/Los Angeles
was represented by James D. Wigglesworth, AIA as top man on the design team. He holds a B.Arch. from the University of Miami and followed with graduate studies at the UC Los Angeles. A 15 year specialist in computer-aided design, Jim lists among completed projects: Corporate headquarters and office buildings for Columbia Pictures, Executive Life, Howard Hughes Center II, technical center at Lockheed Rye Canyon Facility, and master planning for other clients. Team collaborators were Marc W. Laibe, AIA, Nora Wolin, Marcella Aquilar and project manager Scott Kaufman.

Gensler & Associates Architects
2049 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA. 90067
Phone: (213) 277-7405

Gensler & Associates Architects/San Francisco:
Design director/vice president Christine Banks, a B.Arch. graduate from the University of California in Berkeley, headed the design group involved. She joined Gensler in 1977, was promoted to senior associate and to her present position six and eight years later respectively. Working closely with her was project designer/senior associate Christopher R. Pollock, with Gensler for over 12 years and advanced to current rank in '86. Also on the team were Carol Disrud, project director; Ray Halley, project manager; William Larsen, project architect; Terry Walker, interior designer; Robert Robbins, and Laura Inscher, drafters.

Gensler & Associates Architects
600 California Street
San Francisco, CA. 94108
Phone: (415) 433-3700


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