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Herman Miller
Knoll Hon Allsteel Kimball Miscellanous Systems


Steelcase 9000 Office
Steelcase 9000

Used Office Furniture Broker

Steelcase Herman Miller Haworth
Systems Seating Storage

A good place to buy a good product

Steelcase Aviner Office
Steelcase Aviner

Cort sells Used Furniture too...

ReManufacturered Ergon 2 Steelcase 451 & 454

Steelcase Haworth
Systems Seating Storage

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ReCycled System Furniture

Steelcase Haworth Herman Miller Knoll Hon
Kimball Miscellanous Systems

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System 9000 Avenier Premises


UniGroup RACE

Herman Miller

Action Office


Morrison Reff



Sunar Allsteel Kimball Office Specialties

Upholstery & Fabrics

Burch Fabrics
4200 Brockton Drive, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Ph: 616-698-2800 Fax: 616-698-0011
OEM Original/Match Fabrics Commerical Seating Fabrics Healthcare Vinyl and Leather
UL Recognized Panel Fabrics In Stock in Six National Locations Fabric Sample Cards

Office Furniture Parts

4710 Forty Forth Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
PH: 616-940-1772
FAX 616-940-1040 800- 336-1772 E-Mail
Steelcase Haworth Herman Miller Knoll
If you need it, we've got it


Cabinet Hardware


Knapp & Vogt Manufacturing Co.
2700 Oak Industrial, Drive N.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Ph: 616-459-3311
Fax: 616-459-3467 E-Mail
Drawer Slides Shelving Specialty Hardware

Systems Casegoods Seating Tables Filing/Storage
Dealers Services

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