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2015: What’s in the Works?

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Finally a well organized Direct Sales marketplace for Commercial Furnishings is being built. If you have an iPhone or other mobile device you'll love what we've done. With our new 'APP' you'll be able to buy, sell or find new, used and refurbished products and download spec's and cutsheets directly via ReSources from wherever you are in the world.

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As ReSources prepares to celebrate it's 20th anniversary we could not be more please about the upcoming launch of the New ReSources site.

For years we have been asked to develop a sales capability but did not find the right format until earlier this year. ReSources is about empowering the industry and our new Direct Sales site does just that and then some. Not only can you buy direct but you can sell direct. With ReSources Direct Sales everyone wins as manufacturers, dealers, brokers, agents, reps, designers, specifiers and individual buyers and sellers are now empowered to prosper.

No matter if you are small or large every seller and every buyer has a level playing field at ReSources. Buying and selling formats are similar to eBay, but better organized.  Fee's are less and every listing includes a product image and specification. To build sales to the new site, traffic from ReSources.Com is being directed from our homepage and all product directories. In addition, manufactures can add a
BuyDirect link from their product listing directly to their Direct Sales listing.

We were pleased with the positive response our new site received at Neocon. Manufacturers and dealers are registering to sell at a pace that is exceeding our expectations. Over and over we heard them say 'Why didn't someone think of this sooner?'
.We did, way back in 1993, it just took us a while longer than expected to find the right package.....

Best Wishes,

Russ Watson AIA | Founder

Now receiving over 5,400,000 qualified hits a month, ReSources.Com is the # 1 gateway to the Commercial Furnishings and Contract Interiors Industry and has become the primary source that manufacturers, dealers, architects, designers, facilities managers and corporate specifiers rely upon to access the widest range of products, services and information.

ReSources.Com means Business: Our job is to deliver the customer to your front door, after that what you do is your business, not ours. Top search engines, such as Google, consistently rank our directories in their Top 10. No wonder more corporations, GSA buyers and specifiers, dealers and design professionals use ReSources.Com to find and purchase office furnishings and services than any other industry site.

Pro/CutSheets: Like what you see, then buy it! That’s the idea. It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a one horse operation, Pro/CutSheets allow Manufacturers to reach Dealers, Designers, Facility Managers and Customers with up-to-date product information 24/7/365. Allowing professionals and customers to evaluate your products and then printout presentation quality cutsheets from their desktop printers whenever and wherever. No emergency Rep calls, no out of date information and no more missed sales because your products were not available for evaluation.

It’s the Game of Numbers: Users of ReSources.Com reads like a Who’s Who of the Fortune 5,000: AT&T, Chevron, Ford, Disney, Microsoft, Boeing, PeopleSoft, Heatheon, Intel, B of A, Nabisco, Pixar, Playboy, GSA, Gensler, Sony, World Bank and Xerox and international users in over 125 countries. During 2014 ReSources.Com's traffic increased on the average of 6% per month. By years end ReSources.Com processed in excess of 54.5 million visitor requests and transferred over 405 billion bytes of industry data. A 40% increase from 2012 and a 20% increase from 2013, despite a slow economy.

More listings than any other site: Did you know that ReSources.Com has over 5,000 Contract Design Industry listings and adds over 100 new listings each month. This provides ReSources.Com with the unique opportunity of expanding our industry relationship into areas of e-commerce, interactive programming and services, issues of industry wide importance and education and that's exactly what we have planned for you.

DealerNet: Imagine having Direct Access to every single contract furniture dealer in the world. You do and you can. ReSources puts you in direct contact with contract furniture dealers in every State in the Union, and every international Country, Region or Principality with a dealership.

What's New: Directories for Architects, Interior Designers, Services, Floor Covering and Manufacturers Reps are now available. Listings, with website links, are available to manufacturers, dealers and all professionals. Directory advertising and website programs are now available for manufacturers, dealerships, design professionals and associations. Sponsorships of Association Chapter Website Programs (AIA, ASID, IIDA) are available to industry members.

Did you know that ReSources has the best on-line Design Library on the internet? Ask Bill Van Erp, Gensler Architects Librarian:

"We’re too busy to waste time hunting down obscure internet sites. ReSources has done a fabulous job of organizing the really good internet materiel in a way that saves us a lot of time".

"If it’s not on ReSources, then it’s probably not worth looking at"

In 1997 Interiors and Sources magazine included an article ‘Bookmarks for Designers’, by Dave Johnson, which identified the top four websites, of the thousands of websites dedicated to architecture, interiors and facilities. The ReSources Network was one the four selected top sites. Architects First Source, FM Link and Building Online were the other sites. Of those, one was sponsored by a building magazine, another facilities oriented and the other derived from a building products print directory. Of the group, only ReSources continues to provide a full scope of Design Industry information and services.

Beyond providing access to industry information ReSources will expand awareness of new products, services and issues by providing an ongoing industry forum ‘Industry Focus’. Developed in Quarterly Segments, Industry Focus will be interactive and concentrate on a specific topic of industry interest or importance.

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